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Entrepreneur Space clients Black and Blanco get praise for their "sandcastles."

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Feature on QEDC Director of Neighborhood Economic Development Ricardi Calixte. Read Queens Ledger article

Queens Restaurant Week Brings Diners Out.
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Queens Mamas: A blog and a business model.
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Restaurant Week in Queens to Taste the Best Food in New York.
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Queens EDC begins restaurant week.
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Discover Queens Restaurant Week returns.
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QEDC's Queens Restaurant Week is back.
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Discover Queens Restaurant Week Lets Foodies Sample The Borough's Best.
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皇后區餐館週 紐約食客享口福
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Queens borough tour proves nabe more than just 'a halfway point to other areas'.
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Star of Queens: Rob Mackay.
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Mayor Visits An Economic Engine Of Queens.
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Mayor Touts Entrepreneur Space.
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Learn more about the Entrepreneur Space.

Room for Food Startups to Grow.
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The Road to Economic Recovery.
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Queens' "Best Of" Promotion Heats Up.
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Enjoy summer fun throughout the borough.
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Queens businesses make push to attract summer tourists.
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Queens Economic Development Corporation launches 75 Days of Summer.
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Queens Hall of Fame to jazz up mall with exhibit honoring musicians.
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Queens Art Studio Years In The Making.
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Platano Relleno: Queens Food Festival brings together borough's culturally diverse culinary scene.
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A Taste of the World 2011.
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Queens A Taste of the World by QEDC.
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9th Annual Queens…A Taste of the World.
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In her shop, it's 'do the right thing.
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